Isaiah Arvizu holds the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt in World Taekwondo Federation style of Taekwondo. Isaiah has been training for approximately 6 ½ years with CSMA and  has won various awards including being named Grand Champion in Spring of 2016 thru the Arizona Martial Arts Coalition, and an Instructor position thru Core Strength Martial Arts. Academically Isaiah Arvizu is always excelling and achieving great grades & awards at school. 

zachary peel

Master Michael C. Wykoff holds a 5th Degree Master Black Belt in WTF Taekwondo as well as a 4th Degree Black Belt in ITF Taekwondo.  Michael believes that the best way to teach martial arts is to create an atmosphere of trust and compassion, while also fostering discipline and a strong skill set in his students.  Michael has been a martial arts practitioner for 27 years and is one of the youngest Masters in Arizona.  Master Wykoff was Named 1 of the top 5 instructors in Arizona by Expertise Magazine for 2017 & 2018

Master Michael C. Wykoff

isaiah arvizu

Zachary Kie Peel holds a 2nd  Degree  Black Belt in WTF Taekwondo.  Zach holds many designations for his Martial Arts including a Grand
Championship Title thru the Arizona Martial Arts Coalition, multiple weapons accreditations, and an Instructorship thru Core Strength
Martial Arts.  Zachary currently trains 20 hours per week, in addition to maintaining a high grade point average in school and teaching others at Core Strength.